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the largest charity organization on PulseChain


We are the best and most trusted charity organization running on PulseChain. Through our visible improvements in the world through the pulse community, we are becoming the flagship of positive impact through crypto. Our roadmap, both long-term and short-term, will help people directly, but also ensure continuity for larger projects. In addition, donors may also get a profit back in the future, for example in the form of an airdrop of certain tokens. We make it easy and fast to donate through crypto and have an added value for the whole community. Help us with our first project and support the construction of a water point in Africa!


We collect donations from generous people who want to make a difference in the world. PulsHealth is the fastest and easiest way for crypto people to donate to people in need. Through our project we create a unique bridge between the crypto space and nature, to make an impact on future generations.


The collected money is split so that the maximum benefit can be gained from it. One part of the income is used for long-term investments, the other for current projects. Also a small part is given back to the community in a useful way. This strategy maximizes the durability of PulseHealth.


We build visible improvements in the world that give people around the world a better life. With the support of the entire crypto community, we are able to make a big difference. Children will be able to go to school, villages will have clean drinking water and nature will be protected in the long term.


This is our road map that makes the project long term and sustainable for everyone. By sharing the funds equitably, (our upcoming native token 20%), all donors and the entire environment will benefit. Because 35% of the funds are used directly for visible projects to support people in need, results are quickly visible. The other 40% will be used to profit economically and to finance long-term projects in the future. By investing in the growth of the entire PulseChain, more money is generated. This means that larger projects can also be supported. Only a minimal portion of 5% is used to cover our work expenses. We aim big and hope for your support! And always remember: He who does good also gets good back.

Who is behind it?

We (Lukas and Idris) are two experienced community members who have been around since the beginning of the Hex era. We have sacrificed for Pulse and PulseX and believe in Richard Hearts projects. We have now decided to create a long-lasting and healthy project to give something back to the community in the long run.

Fast and Global

Our project is transparent and visible in the real world. You can follow our progress and construction on twitter and make sure that the money we raise goes to the right place. There will also be features that will allow the community to make decisions.

Crypto Wallet

Donate with just one transaction. Fast, anonymous and secure. No verification, no personal information, no annoying emails. You can donate from any wallet and participate in the good cause.

But what exactly does the community get back?

Benefits for the community

It could be possible that in the future there will be a native token for those who want to contribute their part to the improvement of the world. In addition, PulseHealth is helping people all over the world into the crypto space, thus benefiting the entire Pulse ecosystem. Also, there may be promotions in the future specifically dedicated to the PulseHealth community. We are only at the beginning and look forward to improving the world together with you.

Our numbers 
that speak

We, the two founders of PulseHealth, have already donated to several charity organizations such as Greenpeace or Unicef. We are happy to document here the other donations collected by PulseHealth:

funds raised

Built fountains

PulseHealth Member

Saved trees

Important Disclaimer

Keep in mind: Do not expect any profit from the work of others!
PulseHealth is not officially connected to Richard Heart in any way.